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The perfect intimate “match”.

A fulfilled couple often claims a fulfilled sexuality. It's time to accept that sex is a determining factor in a successful love encounter. Indécent and its unique algorithm will help you see things more clearly and finally meet people who really suit you.

Alexandre Contart

“A couple that lasts is one that shares common kinks and where everyone finally finds their place.”

Alexandre Contart

The Indécent Spirit

The alchemy of the couple depends on assertive sexuality.

Attitudes are changing. Women as much as men today affirm that intimate and sexual compatibility with their partner is a decisive factor in building their relationship. Sharing the same desires, the same fantasies, the same expectations is becoming a necessary criterion for deciding whether or not to embark on an ongoing relationship.

But coming is not a given for everyone, and it's often necessary to multiply sexual experiences without being sure of compatibility.

We believe it is now possible to better target the search for the ideal partner based on the compatibility of different intimate profiles, combined with a selection of common kinks (fantasies).

All the information you provide will remain confidential - and our algorithm will propose the best profiles, without you having to reveal the secrets of your intimacy. It's finally time to be Indécent.

Your questions

We're not going to reveal everything about the project, but you can already imagine a hybrid platform: both a safe, playful and assertive dating service, and a discussion space for people who are open-minded or simply curious about discovering more about themselves and their intimate preferences. Basically? An application designed to create sensual alchemy in your relationships, without the restrictions of social networks.

We're making good progress. Since the idea was discussed at the start of the year, we've already developed the Indecent Test, prepared our participatory funding campaign (during September-October 2023), and put the first French version online in the following quarter. Subscribe to our newsletter to follow our progress and preview the service.

Maybe someone you know ;) Indécent is the fruit of a meeting between digital designer Alexandre Contrat (and his partner Stéphanie) and two experts in the digital field. If you're not familiar with Alexandre and Stéphanie's world, you can follow them on Instagram and TikTok - where they post and chat live with their community (almost) every day.

Have you already tested other dating apps? Then you know how complicated it can be to be totally honest in your first exchanges, without taboos or judgments, and therefore to find the person or people who share the same intimate preferences as you. That's what our community dating app wants to change. Because we shouldn't have to censor ourselves or be disappointed by one-night stands due to unspoken words and sensual incompatibilities.

Yes... and no. We know, it's not a satisfactory answer! Let's just say that part of the app will be freely open (but secure, of course), while certain conversation and game features will only be available to users who have subscribed to one of our subscriptions. We'll let you know more when we launch our private beta.

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